Well, as always, we spend alot of time raising sheep and (our human) kids so it’s been a good while since we posted any updates on the website. This has been kind of a crazy year with a farm move! We’re still in Bedford County, just closer now to the Peaks of Otter and the beloved Blue Ridge Mountains.

If you are new to our business: we pasture raise our sheep on our farm and the Town of Bedford’s solar farm. This allows our sheep to help maintain the solar farm grass and gives us more pasture to raise them. In other farm news: We are pulling our ewes off the solar farm for the Winter and they will start lambing in January. Our lambs are being moved onto new pasture and we are thankful for the expanded acreage of the new farm for them to enjoy.

As the holidays quickly approach now is the time to order one of our Whole Lambs for your family gatherings (simply contact us) or just to stock up for the new year. If you do not need a whole lamb you can still stop by Southern States in Bedford and purchase an assortment of lamb meat cuts. We are fully stocked over there – just look for the Blue Ridge Lamb & Wool freezer.

We hope you and your family have a healthy Holiday season and happy New Year! Thank you for eating local and choosing us for your healthy meat options.

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