Farming is often about problem solving, and while sheep are fairly straightforward animals to raise, there are always new challenges to overcome and learn from. With the global pandemic, this year has brought it’s own unique challenges for all of us. As a farming family providing local lamb meats to our community we have had some new issues to overcome.

Due to COVID-19 impacts and a dramatic rise in demand for local meats, processors in the area are very backed up. Also the processor we normally use is still State approved but is no longer offering USDA approval*. However, the quality and safety of the cuts are the same. It just means we cannot offer individual cuts for retail sale.

We are still able to get our lamb meat processed but we have to take one animal in to be processed at a time. What does that mean for you? It means we will have less individual cuts available – so our freezer at Southern States in Bedford is still going to be stocked but supplies will be limited – but keep reading!

It also means that right now we are only offering whole lamb for sale. That means you get to customize what cuts you get – which has always been a more economical way to buy lamb meat than buying individual cuts a little at a time. You get all the cuts from one whole lamb – based on your preferences.

All this means you will have some new lamb meat cuts to experiment with – but you still get the same locally raised, pastured lamb meat we have always offered. Need help with knowing what to do with your new cuts? Check out our blog for some delicious recipes.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support and for choosing to eat local! Order your custom whole pasture raised lamb today and make sure to stock up before the rush of the holidays.


*We are actively working on trying to find another USDA processor to use so that we can continue to offer individual cuts for resale. 

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